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Pneumatic floating fenders, Yokohama, and more

pneumatic floating fender
Oil Loading and Off-Loading Rubber Hoses, OCIMF

Pneumatic Floating Rubber Fender, type Yokohama. These Yokohama type of Pneumatic Floating Fender is often used Off-Shore in the oil & gas industry as well in the marine construction industry. These Pneumatic Fenders by their floatability and flexibility are used as fenders between ships for transition of oil & gas, chemical products, etc.
Pneumatic Floating Fender

The Rib Fender is a new design of the family of Pneumatic fenders. This rubber floating pneumatic fender has additional to the pneumatic fender integrated rubber ribs in its body to form an extra defence. These ribs are much less voluminous and lighter than the pneumatic fenders with a netting of car/plane tires with chains. Therefore these Rib Fenders are very practically inside ports for quay walls and between ships. This Rib Fender widens the range of pneumatic fenders without any additional protection of its body up to pneumatic fenders with a protection consistent of a netting of car/plane tires with chains.
RIB fender

Also transport over water of these Pneumatic Floating Fenders by tugs is very simple. The Pneumatic Fenders can be extra protected by a netting of car or planes tires with chains. Also can be reinforced the body of The Pneumatic Fender by rubber integrated RIBS. These Pneumatic Fenders are therefore called RIB Fenders.
Pneumatic Floating Fender with netting

The Pneumatic RIB Fenders are less bulky and lighter in weight. This Pneumatic Rib Fender or The standard Pneumatic Fender without protection by a netting of tires is frequently used by the Navy for the frigates and submarines in color grey. The standard color of the Pneumatic Floating Fender is black. White Pneumatic Fenders are used specially for Cruise Ships. The Yokohama type Pneumatic Floating Fender is the best known. Inspection, repairs, refurbishment or re-netting of the Pneumatic Floating Fenders is possible locally or in the Dutch workshop.
SLING fender
SLING fender
SLING fender
Maintenance kit

Denialink - Pneumatic floating fenders, Yokohama, and more

Due to the special property of the Pneumatic Floating Rubber Fenders, a low reaction force at low deflation, these type of fenders are extensively used offshore. Specially for Ship to Ship (STS) transfer of oil & gas or chemical related products, during off-shore constructions of platforms, wind turbines and others. Also in ports if sensitive products or equipments have to be passed from ship to pontoon/quay or v.v.

The dimensions of the Pneumatic Floating Rubber fenders are:

- The diameters vary from 0.3 up to 0.6 meters.
- The lengths vary from 4.5 up to 9.0 meters.

The production quality of the Pneumatic Fenders is controlled and certified normally in the production facilities.

Mostly the Pneumatic Fender is protected by a “Netting”, existing of used car or plane tires bound together by chains or by “Ribs” (Rubber Rib Integrated) in the Pneumatic Fender. The Rib construction is lighter and less voluminous.

The standard color of the Pneumatic Rubber Fender is black. For war ships like frigates and submarines the fenders are colored in grey.

Normally a large stock of Pneumatic Fenders is available in The Netherlands.

As a specialist in rubber technology we do inspections, refurbishment and repairs. Also we can re-net the Pneumatic Fender for an optimal protection.

Furthermore we offer:

  • Stock fenders at our premises:
    • Sizes range from 0,3 x 0,6 to 3,3 x 6,5 meteres
    • As of 2012 standard supplied with RIFD chip
    • If applicable, safety valve is fully certified
    • Fender body is manufactured according the ISO 17357:2002 standard
    • Supplied with manufacturer test certificate and third party (SGS or ABS) test report on ISO standard 17357:2002
    • On entering and leaving our premises all fenders are inspected again by our qualified personnel
    • Available as Body Only, Sling type, RIB type and with heavy duty protection netting with stanrd use of airplane tires
    • RIB fenders have wear-resistant rubber ribs vulcanized on the Fender body for extra protection in comparison to Body Only and Sling type fenders.

  • Advantages Fender and heavy-duty netting:
    • All fenders are supplied with SGS or ABS certificate proving the fenders are manufactured according to ISO 17357.
    • All safety valves (if applicable) are certified.
    • All components are certified and/or tested on break load.
    • All fenders are standard equipped with airplane tires. They are very rigid and contain no steel, so they will not rust in (sea-)water.
    • All chains are protected with rubber sleeves, even through the airplane tires. This will prevent the chain “cutting” the tires

  • Refurbish all brands fenders; we can inspect, repair and supply new heavy duty protection netting for all brands fenders. Also we can overhaul and certify the safety valve of your Fender

  • Re-net all brands fenders:
    • Heavy duty protection netting with standard use of airplane tires. Airplane tires are more rigid and have no steel inside. This will have a positive effect on the lifespan of both netting and Fender (proven in practice).
    • Use of head tires to protect the Fender against damages by the towing rings.
    • Towing rings, chain, shackles and swivels are certificed and/or random tested on break load.
    • Rubber sleeves around the chain are going into the tires to prevent the chain cutting the tires.
    • All chains are connected with certified connecting links and/or shackles.
    • Towing rings, shackles and swivels (mounted on both sides) are designed and fully certified to the required MBL. Standard we use Cone type towing rings.
    • Heavy duty protection netting is approved by all major STS companies.

  • Re-certify all brands fenders safety valves; it is advisable to re-certify safety valves every 2 years. We have our own laboratory with all necessary facilities to overhaul and certify safety valves.

  • Equip all brands fenders with RIFD chip; with a RIFD chip in your Fender you can always trace the Fender serial number

  • Special kits available:
    • Basic maintenance kit
    • Basic airfill kit until diam. 2 metres
    • Basic airfill kit diam. 2,5 – 3,3 metres
    • Repair kit until diam. 2,0 metres
    • Repair kit diam. 2,5 – 3,3 metres

For the standard dimensions of the Pneumatic Floating Fenders see enclosed table
ST Pneumatic fender performance table

For other dimensions please consult Denialink.

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